Elearnsecurity – Ewdp (Web Defense Professional)
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Elearnsecurity – Ewdp (Web Defense Professional)



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The eLearnSecurity Web Defense Professional (eWDP) is a senior-level,
practical web defense certification that proves a cyber security
professional’s defense domain capabilities.

eWDP is different from your standard cyber security exam. Here’s how:

* Pushes candidates to autonomously validate security fixes through proof-of-concept exploits
* Compels candidates to demonstrate the impact of security issues to development teams and managers
* Ensures that the candidate can mitigate security issues even when changing the code is not possible through virtual patching
Tests a candidate’s understanding of web application security defense theory
through a challenging multiple choice pre-exam.

* Ensures that candidates can identify and propose valid solutions to vulnerable web applications through a practical, hands-on examination.
* Challenges candidate to assess and mitigate findings from a penetration test report

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