Offensive Security – Web 300 – 2021
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Offensive Security – Web 300 – 2021



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### Learn web application security in Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation.

WEB-300 focuses on white box web app pentest methods. The bulk of your time
will be spent analyzing source code, decompiling Java, debugging DLLs,
manipulating requests, and more, using tools like Burp Suite, dnSpy, JD-GUI,
Visual Studio, and the trusty text editor.

* Web security tools and methodologies
* Source code analysis
* Persistent cross-site scripting
* Session hijacking
* .NET deserialization
* Remote code execution
* Blind SQL injections
* Data exfiltration
* Bypassing file upload restrictions and file extension filters
* PHP type juggling with loose comparisons
* PostgreSQL Extension and User Defined Functions
* Bypassing REGEX restrictions
* Magic hashes
* Bypassing character restrictions
* UDF reverse shells
* PostgreSQL large objects
* DOM-based cross site scripting (black box)
* Server side template injection
* Weak random token generation
* XML external entity injection
* RCE via database functions
* OS command injection via WebSockets (black box)

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